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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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*In Fused Irvine*

Fused Irvine "Um, yeah, I guess the rest of you can fight me in...."

*Fused Irvine sees Deac and Lokpihet Kung Fu fighting, and Reletha and Orthos yelling ans screaming at eather other in attempt to get more powerful.*

((Sry thought it might be funny))

Fused Irvine "DAMNIT! Why are all the good stuff already taken? Oooh! I know!!!"

*The view of the rest of the characters swurls and ends up in an altered form of the current reality, the world seems like a huge block with pixelated backgrounds. The Characters are remodeled in a low polycounted sprites. All at the same time a sort of suspenceful music can be heard from all around, seemingly coming from no where.*

*The characters are lined up, with Fused Irvine facing them, none to move until their designated times.*

RH Irvine "What the hell!?"


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