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((My answer: what.))

*With no urgent demands Heimdall goes to the upper level on the Asgardreid to relax. He enters the observation lounge and looks down at his left arm. The sleeve was ripped and the fabric was stained with blood.

Heimdall carefull pulls up His sleeve to reveal a nice gash. He must have gotten that during the commotion with the Sith, or maybe with the dwarves. Didn't really matter.

He continues to examine it when Svafa and Idun walk in. Idun is visibly drained and immediatly sits down with Savfa's help. Svafa then turns to Heimdall, see's his wound and goes over to him.*

Svafa: Let me see your arm.

Heimdall: It isn't that bad, I'll be fine.

Svafa: I'm sure it is but I still want to take a look at it.

Heimdall: Fine.

*Heimdall lays his arm on the center table and Svafa looks and it moving his arm around gently. She sees something pulling out som tweezers she gently pulls out a fragment of what looks like molten rock. She drops it on the table and looks for more, but finds none, and the Asgardried confirms that nothing else was in the wound. Svafa then bandages the wound.*

Svafa: Well your lucky, that fragment could have caused you to lose your arm. There will be a nice scar there but otherwise you will be find. I also would say to keep it easy.

*Heimdall looks at the fragment and then tosses it aside*

Heimdall: It's one of Hel's darts. I thought I caught a brief glimpse of her before the commotion.

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