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Deac: No more time for spoofs!

*Frees Dick Clark.*

Deac: Right, our work here is done

*Lokpihet's cellphone rings again. When he tries to answer it it opens a portal, sucking our heroes back to the Cantina*

Syrnl: That was fun!

Orthos: Hey! A tree! With Presents...

Deac: Well, what have we learnt? That kidnapping celebrities ultimately fails? That 90% of phones are not properly used, often with disasterous results? That music does really pass the time?
Or that Christmas might be about more than presents and money.

*The Darkstars open their presents*

Orthos: "Dismembered Ewoks Greatest Hits" .Great

Deac: Cool! A new arm attachment for all my kitchen needs!


The End...

Until Next YEAR.....

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