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Asgardried, Hold, Guy's ship

*Once Guy was assured nothing could penetrate the cloak his ship was encased in, he went to his ship's computer systems and cautiously opened a net link to an information database. This link - like everything that went through 'warp space' - was traceable, but it was a chance that had to be taken.

Using his link, he opened a data stream from the Shadow databases. He entered his decryption codes and entered the systems.

It was fortunate that it was considered normal for a Shadow to disappear for even months at a time, especially during times of upheaval like this, so there was little chance that they would find his actions suspicious. But if anyone else was looking, there could be problems...

There were things he needed to know, on the other hand.

He searched for the Aesir. Interestingly, the name was not unknown. However, there was no data on any of the specific characters whose ship he was now flying in, confirming what he'd expected. The data on the Aesir made it clear that the Shadows had dedicated very little thought to them. The fight with the Asgardried was recorded in it, but apparently the higher-ups didn't think this 'new' factor had any prospects worth pursuing. A few seemed a bit interested in the difference between this newly discovered race's technology level and the previously recorded technology levels of this particular dimension, but it seemed the Aesir had been written off as stealthy interdimensional immigrants.*

So they don't have any special interest in the Aesir, or this ship. We aren't targets.

Then who is following us?

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