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Near the Sith temple

*A large Jotun carrying a flaming sword surveys the damage. At his feet lay a couple of Sith that were struck down in the encounter. One in paticular seemed to have his face riped off.*

Jotun: I'm not impressed. We need a stronger army to attack them.

*Hel pulls down a Sith hood*

Hel: Be patient Surt, watch.

*The slain Sith begin to move again, the tissue of the one with the missiing face rebuilds itself, soon it is in almost perfect shape. Although it is mared a little.*

Hel: Your army will not permantely die until the last of them is gone. With enough time you will win.

*Surt laughs and hits the one with the marred face. He goes flying into a building and snaps his neck until it is repaired*

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