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Now i have another problem, when i start the game i get this error:

"Couldn't load default.cfg"

Is it caused by changing the shortcut path? And now it almost looks like my whole JA is screwed up again....

EDIT: Reinstalled, because i couldnt correct the error, tried again, but got the same message and reinstalled again. What next?

screw 1.01.

EDIT AGAIN: Yay! Finally got it to work!

Add this to your autoexec.cfg:

helpusobi 1
set g_sabermorerealistic 2
set g_dismemberprobabilities 100
set g_dismemberment 3
set broadsword 1

- Was orginally posted by SirYawnalot

And add:

+load quick +loadquick +set helpusobi 1 +helpusobi 1
to your JA shortcut, dunno if it helps, just add it.

Kurgan, if it works for me it should work for you. Time to sticky this thread.

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