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Charater Database

This here is the Character Database, where all of your player profiles are shoved and stored in sliced TaunTauns. Please include character name, age, birth planet, occupation, stature (height and weight.), weapons, vehicles, bio. If you can post a bit on the planet.

Name: Father Torque

Age: unknown

Birth Planet/Place: LFN Headquarters, Rhetts Basement.

Occupation: Vehicle Designer/Engineer, former High Preacher at Jedi Council.

Stature: 6' 2", 178 lbs.

Weapons: Vintage GLX97A series Sniper Rifle, 6" Laser Blade.

Vehicles: Landspeeder, Hover Chopper (Hoverized Chopper bike. Like Count Dookus in Ep.2.), [STOLEN & FIXED] Rebel BattleCruiser

Bio: Born and raised at the LFN Headquarters. Father Torque trained at a young age, was meant to be a great jedi master. But his great mind filled with knowledge and curiosity lead him to life of preaching his vast array of knowledge. Starting as associate preacher for the lfn temple, Father Torque learned from many higher officials. Father Torque began to slip away from his preaching life, and went to engineering. His curiosity being a key factor in his engineering succes, Father Torque became the most trusted and highly thought spoken of vehicle builder in the galaxy. When the great galactic depression occured Father Torque was out of work with his building, sohe went back to preaching at the lfn temple. As Father Torque moved up in rank, he was drafted into the galactic army. He was positioned as chief of engineering and served for 8 years. When he returned, he found that the Head Preacher had left lfn to become a member in the senate. Father Torque sought out his chance to become the Head Preacher. Father Torque has been head preacher for 32 years now, and is still considered a master vehicle builder.

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