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Name: Ara'k Thor

Age: 52 Mandalorian years

Species: Mandalorian

Birth Planet/Place: (Where mandlaorians come from).

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Stature: Can i put it in the metric system? 204 cm, 78 kg

Weapons: A modified blaster rifle, a Vibroblade, and a shorter stunning-blade for off-hand combat.

Vehicles: Heavily modified Firespray

Bio: Ara'k Thor, usually known as Thor, is the descendant of one of the great leaders of the Mandalorian War. As a kid he lived on the streets of Corellia, where he made money by stealing important things for a local crime lord. As he grew older, he started taking bigger jobs, and would on some occations do assasin missions.
He grew big in the buisness, and soon became a sought for Bounty Hunter on Corellia. He did jobs until he had gotten enough money to customize his own ship, a modified Firespray. He then travelled through the galaxy seeking fortune.

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