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name: thresh cordana
speicies: rodian
sex: male
age: 27
home world: ???
bio: thresh cordana was found as a baby in a shipwreck by a jedi on tantooine. he stayed in an academy untill he was 8 and told why he was their not understanding completly he undertook the training. when he was 14 he was sent on his first mission he completed it easily and went on more missions. at 16 he was a skilled jedi, but he did not like what he was doing and ran away on a mission stealing a ship he later called the starfire. he went to corusaunt and helped aa gun mechanic where he learned many things and madified his own DL-44 and E-11. he left the shop when he was 24 and became a bounty hunter. hes jedi training helped him alot and soon he was a well known bountyhunter. in one of his bountys he found a hightech R2 unit and took it with him he named it R2-D6. when he was 26 he decided to travel the galaxie.

weapons: modified E-11, modified dual DL-44 and dual light sabers (one blue one green).

ship: the starfire

droids: R2-D6


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