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*Heimdall carried the girl to an unused room and placed her gentle down onto the bed. He then stepped back and Idun came forth to tend to the child. Diagnostice equipment emerged from hidden compartments. Idun quickly hooked up the girl.

While this was happening the girl closed her eyes and slipped into unconsciousness.

Heimdall leaves the room and stands by the door to consult with Svafa*

Svafa: This is not good. That crash is sure to have aroused attention, and someone may wish to investigate.

Heimdall: We will need to leave soon, but I want to stay until the girl has been stabilized. I need to get word to Vidar of what has occured.

*Svafa nods and waits by the door. Heimdall moves off to a computer console*

Heimdall: Asgardreid, terminate all exterior lighting and raise interior view port shields, and start recording please.

Asgardreid: Alright give me a sec.

*All the exterior lights turn off and shields are raised over all view ports prevanting any interior light from escaping the ship*

Asgardreid: Begin when you wish.

Heimdall: Vidar, have found a special child of Fire and Ice. She hangs on the brink of death, and may not survive for long. Idun is treating her. Not sure of what to make of this, please advise. Stop recording encode priority 1 and send when appropiate.

*Outside a large explosion occurs as the fuel leaking from the crahsed ship ignites. Flames illuminate the area in a ghastly light.*

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