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*Idun leaves the girl for a second to speak with Heimdall*

Idun: It is serious, I'm going to have to stay with her, If I don't she will most likely die.

Heimdall: Alright, stay with her. I have a feeling she may be important later.

*Heimdall and Svafa exit the ship while Idun tends to the girl.*

Heimdall *to the group*: This crash is sure to have attracted some attention. We need to leave at once with full light and noise discipline. If you don't know what that means to put it simple, we will use no light and go as quietly as possible.

This is the last chance, if any wish to stay on the ship do so know. Idun is going to remain to tend the girl. Otherwise we leave now.

*Without another word Heimdall somewhat towards the lights in the distance and begins to walk with a quick pass in that direction. Intending to put as much distance between the group and the crash as soon as possible. Svafa follows closely behind him*

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