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mmm...its not so much that i dont like ur ideas its just that the end was iron clad. it isnt as if u can have manny say "mmmm this train takin 2 long meche--lets open a new club," u know? the main problemo is drawing manny out of the train, (a serious complication) but how do u build something like that up realistically, with the ending of the first looking so rosey??

I seen a lot of u guys sayin on how u would want to c a an updated version (in graphix etc.), which i also thought would b great.
Altho i was thinkin what if lucas arts was to alter the storyline just a little, add in extras to lengthin the gameplay. give us a chance to c how manny "made a spectacle out of himself at the christmas party". and how he started the calavera cafe, find out more about lola, lupe, olivia. if yas dont mind gimme some feedback plz.

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