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*Irvine kept quiet, and obsurved Hal's comment.*

Irvine "Let me try a different approch, but in any case we should get what ever infomation we can and mett back here in about 3 hours. Come my Padawan." *spoken with a smile*

*WH Irvine is shocked at what he was called as Irvine throws his hood over, and re-arrages his clothing to a more Jedi fasion, standing up and walking stright into the nearest pub in such way that he didn't disturb the 'hiding place' of the others. WH Irvine tailing shortly behind following suit with his robes.*

WH Irvine "Irvy, what are you doing? I wouldn't doubt that everyone going to be pissed at you."

Irvine *softly* "Please keep your turn down, just follow suite, besides you're going to get your first lessons in using the Mind Trick."

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