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Somewhere in the Outer Rim

*Farran stands in the middle of a field on a grassy planet. Artemis is next to him. Kioet is nowhere to be seen*

Artemis: Do you think they'll be coming?

Farran: Of course. They said they would.

Artemis: What about that Trandoshan?

Farran: Maybe he's late. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he made other plans with the Shadows which no longer involve us.

Artemis: I suppose we're using up our last chance to back out?

Farran: I suspect there won't be any backing out for us anymore. Too many people know about us now. There's nowhere left to hide.

*A light appears far away in the blue sky. A ship, coming into the atmosphere*

Artemis: Here they come...


Warp Space

*Rwos' black, blue and violet ship coasted the mayways of nowhere in particular. He listened to the message on his comlink*

Rwos, the Council finally brought up the subject on what to do about Universe Star-1138. Reason I'm telling you - well, I hear since you weren't available, they made a tentative decision without you. They're sending an official detachment to Star 1138's main galaxy. Ida - you know her, right? - will be one of the dispatchees. They've got a specific agenda, which involves retrieving some dangerous "rogues" - mage K'Warra and that former Blade we've heard about. They also are real big on cutting off the Shadow expansion there. There's other stuff too, I'm sure, that I haven't heard.

I'm sure they'll be telling you this - maybe they've already told you - but I figured I'd better tell you too, so you're forwarned. Just in case.

- Adriana

P.S. You still owe me.

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