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((It is a good name, and deciding names on these can be hard))

Asgard: Tournament grounds

*Odin and his family sat in a spacious booth watching the games and enjoying each others company. Currently Odin was watching aerial combat.

Large screens displayed the view from the cockpit of each fighter while a holographic projector showed the overall fight. Odin didn't have a paticular favorite in this paticular one. It was still entertaining to watch the dance of the Raptor fighters as each pilot tried to score 5 points with reduced lasers in a thirty minute battle. If time ran out before a pilot reached 5 points who ever had the most points would be declared the victor. Only direct hits counted in this contest. Although when the Einherjar competed the rules were modified that any miss would subtract a point.

Currently the score was at 4-3 The pilots were evenly matched and only a minute remained.

As the Raptors contiued their entricate dance Odin thoughts drifted toward the unvieling of tonights latest weapon. It was a new fighter named the Viking MKII. Odin was looking forward to showing that off. Hirst and Svafa would be flying two Vikings and apparantly they had something special planned. Neither would tell him what it was.*

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