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*Once everyone has arrives Sellena activates the holo-projector.*

Sellena: This went out on the 'net about 10 minutes ago.

*The image resolves itself into a female Coruscant news anchor.*

Anchor: Today it has been anounced that the Senate has granted emergancy powers to acting Presidant Tar Redris. The Senator from Tannab now holds direct command authoriety over all branches of the executive. We are now linking up with our expert on constitutional affairs outside the Senate Rotunda, Dr Alinak Cre'nes

*The Picture cuts to a middle aged Bothan with rdish fur and blue eyes.*

Alinak: Thankyou Alinor. Obviously this is a drastic step, in the current situation however, it may be the right move. Lets not forget the last time the Senate voted to invoke an emergancy powers statute.................

*Sellena hits the pause button and the image freezes.*

Sellena: No, lets not forget. Obviously your previous mission has just been scrubbed. I have a new one for you but first I want you thoughts on this.


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