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Here is a sample from a *.team file that you can modify and mess with to enable new classes (TEAM files are found in ext_data/Siege/Teams/ directory in assets1.pk3).

Descriptions of each class are found in siege.str (found in assets1.pk3 in the directory strings/English). Also see the individal *.scl files for more information and stats that can be modified.

You can freely put "bad guy" characters on a "good guy" team and mix and match. Just remember that you can only have one of each type of class on a team. If you try to put more than one Tech on a team for example you'll get one and the other will be "blanked out" and unusable.

Here are how the classes are identified in the files:

"Infantry" = Assault
"Heavy" = Heavy Weapons
"Demo" = Demolitionist
"Vanguard" = Scout
"Support" = Tech
"Jedi" = Jedi

Each of the six class "slots" has to be "filled" or else the map won't load properly.

A Sample "bad guy" team:
// class1 "Imperial Pilot"
// class1 "Jedi Hunter"
// class1 "Cultist"
class1 "Mercenary"

// class2 "Merc Heavy Weapons Specialist"
// class2 "Imperial Stormtrooper"
class2 "Rocket Trooper"

class3 "Imperial Light Demolitionist"

// class4 "Imperial Light Sniper"
class4 "Dark Force Assassin"

// class5 "Imperial Light Tech"
class5 "Imperial Supply"

// class6 "Dark Jedi Force User"
// class6 "Dark Jedi Apprentice"
class6 "Dark Jedi Knight"
// <----- use these to set off a class you wish to "turn off"
A Sample "good guy" team:
// class1 "Rebel Pilot"
// class1 "Protector"
class1 "Kyle"

// class2 "Rebel Heavy Infantry"
class2 "Wookie"

class3 "Rebel Light Demolitionist"

class4 "Rebel Light Sniper"

// class5 "Rebel Light Tech"
// class5 "Jedi Tech"
class5 "Rebel Supply"

// class6 "Jedi Apprentice"
class6 "Jedi Force User"
Remember, these classes are taken from the pk3 files in Jedi Academy. They are based on unused and unfinished concepts, so they may need to be tweaked or changed for balance to fit into your particular project. But they should hopefully spark some ideas and interest in Siege scenario making...

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