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((lol sup sabretooth!))
hmm.. lets see here, another planet, since i've put about 3-4-5 on here.....Hah i no!!!

Korean (pron. karanianananananan, lol))
Surronded by Silicoln microchips, as well as many cds, dvds,and other computer parts, ESPECIALLY StarCraft stuff.
Inhabited by ONLY Koreans, and has a daily radiation rate. of 1000000 rems. a sec!. ((gotta luv dem moniters!))
Buildings made of comp. parts. other stuff like that.

Extreme Temperature feeds a HUGE blackhole ((yes a black hole))
Keeps from being swallowed by comp part shield.

**LOL now tell me that this place isn't kinda strange!!**
Hey, what are you doing here? oh your about to chop my arms and legs off, well thats fine, just don't cut off anything sensitive!

War never changes.
the end of the world occured pretty much as we had envisioned it.
Too many People, Too little space.
But this time it was different.
An atomic spark, forged by human hands, quickly raced out of control, creating spears of fire that rain from the Heavens and rose from the pits of Hell....
Man kind was almost wiped from existance...
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