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If you read back a few pages you will see that we had to delay because of the server change and the forums blowing up on us. That couldnt of been helped.

Razor - You have always had something agaist this TC and Me, please leave it alone. The reason the forums havent got that much on at the moment is because Im trying to get them back to 'normal' and I have to say its the first time I have ever seen you on there until Drew applied for CGI Guy.

Anyhow back to the main thread.

The demo will be released soon the code and everything is sorted, the only thing we are waiting on are the new graphics for the HUD etc and the Maps to be tidied and a few big spiders to be squished out. Thats about it, apologies for those of you who were expecting it out now, but the site move really messed everything up.


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