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Originally posted by Anakin
If you read back a few pages you will see that we had to delay because of the server change and the forums blowing up on us. That couldnt of been helped.
Actually posting a news item on your website would probably help clear up the confusion.

Razor - You have always had something agaist this TC and Me, please leave it alone. The reason the forums havent got that much on at the moment is because Im trying to get them back to 'normal' and I have to say its the first time I have ever seen you on there until Drew applied for CGI Guy.
I've kept the eye on the AotC TC forums from time to time ever since AotCTC was formed. I beleive I've even posted a couple times back before one of the numberous server changes.

There's just not much activity there to draw people in. There's no design discussion or revealing of features/ideas dispite the fact that the project has absorbed how many projects now? 3? (Forcemod, Promod, Clone Wars)

As for my issue with the TC, it's like this. I don't have a problem with you personally, it's just the way the TC has been handled for the past year and a half.

[brutal honesty]I've seen the project chew up and spit out at least two of the most promenent codders in the community and god knows how many modellers and mappers.

I've yet to see a clear definition of the project beyond "team based/SP/MP AOTC!! for jk2....I mean jk2/jka....I mean jka....I mean MP only" since ever, and this is after talking to the people who are supposedly coding the bloody thing.

And after all this time of hyping the TC using E2's title name, what have we gotten out of this? Some pretty screenshots and a couple of models.

Sure, some progress has been made lately, but that seems to be mainly due to Unique coming in and basically turning the TC into AImod with AotC maps/models. And then you degrade his contribution by promoting someone who didn't do jack for the project until Unique started chompin' at the bit.

As such, I beleive the project has been a organizational nightmare since the beginning. Its overhyping and drain of creative manpower has hurt the community as a whole.

And why am I complaining about this instead of just keeping my trap shut? Because I think we as a community can do better than this. We can. Really.

If we set aside our petty egos and creative issues (including our particular differences) we could actually get some cooperation going and everyone would benefit.[/brutal honesty]

Hell, I'm going to do something about this. I've already had moderate success with OJP but it needs to go farther. I'll be contacting the AotCTC team shortly.

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