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I seriously hate to pile on here, Anakin, but these guys really do have a point, especially where pr is concerned. You asked if people would donate money for the site's upkeep. I sent you an email on March 4 asking you how much you were looking for. While you did publicly clarify that you were looking for "a MAX of $6/7 from a few people", you never responded to me personally. I noticed only 8 comments in the forums responding with only 2 being affirmative and the others being negative. Those 2 comments were mine.

Again, I quote my post:

"Perhaps instead of asking of people would pay for the mod, you should rephrase it to would some donate to support the release of the mod. I, for one, have enjoyed hours of play with models and maps made by others, but have not contributed any myself. I lack skill and means. I'd be happy to donate in my way of giving back and supporting what promises to be fine work by you guys."

I might very well be willing to donate quite a bit more. But I'm still waiting for some kind of indication what it would take to make it possible to add more disk space and bandwidth.

I've got a bad feeling about this...
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