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Originally posted by leXX
Wait! Don't forget I said BlackDove had "foul smelling farts". I guess that makes me an immature flaming mod too.
Yes it does.

As for Jed, at the last couple of Phwatching's posts, I would have banned him myself. He was morally correct half-ways (because Jed fueled it), but the fact that this place doesn't have perfect moderators is kind of a given, so I wouldn't hold it too much against him. I just thank god the administratorship is grown up.

Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
I believe that Phwack person was previously banned, an he re-registered, which you can't do if you're banned, just to start something in the thread. Jed was just messing with him. Like the predator with his prey
Not only are you obviously unqualified to read, you also need some water so you can continue licking, because you have no saliva left.

For those of you people who didn't get the point about him being on these forums before, I was having a chat with him and this is actually a direct quote:

"Jed could never hope to outflame me, so he had to insinuate that he had previously owned me, and that i was 14 in order to maintain some credibility. Unsurprisingly he was lying as the last Star Wars game I played was X-wing vs tiefighter and I've never posted on any of these forums."
So that settles that issue to rest. Even though Jed is somewhat responsible for inciting flames, I don't think he cared about going at it with my boy here (because that super argument about writing RONG instead of wrong seemed too weak to be a flame O.o - maybe it was though), but if he did, then he would truly be getting the mad beat-downs.

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