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Jaden Korr

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Weapons: Blaster, Red X-Saber
Affiliation: New Empire, Jedi Academy, The Sith
Description: Jaden, a young human Jedi who became one of the greatest Sith Lords ever.

Origin: Jaden Korr was born to Julekh and Gyina Korr on the planet of Das'khurr. The planet was suitable, but lacked population. At the age of 9, Jaden's family decided to move to Coruscant. On the passenger ship, Jaden fumbled around and ended up travelling to the nearest planet, Onderon. On Onderon, Jaden found the spirit of Freedon Nadd, one of the greatest Siths and trainer of Exar Kun.
Freedon taught him how to use a lightsaber and a bit of force as well. However, he knew he couldn't keep on teaching a mortal as a spirit. He therefore released the cloak hiding Jaden form the galaxy and let his family find him, finally, at the age of 11. Jaden then grew uninterrupted by a Sith until he was 16, when he left Coruscant and came back to Onderon, under Freedon's command. There, he received his future orders. He was to be the greatest Sith Lord ever. Nadd instructed him to join the Jedi Academy and learn the ways of the force until Freedon says so. As a souvenir, Nadd handed him a lightsaber. Jaden never made the lightsaber. Exar Kun had.

Jedi Academy: Jaden was a promising student. He learnt quickly and was an expert in weilding his lightsaber. Even though his master, Kyle Katarn wasn't with him most of the time, Jaden would always emerge victorious from mission. His friend, Rosh Penin, however, constantly needed Kyle's supervision and often lost without it. He was hungry for power.
Jaden's first great challenge was at Hoth as a group of force-stealers known as the Disciples Of Ragnos were stealing force. There, Jaden slaughtered lots of stormtroopers and dueled Alora, who became his converter later. Rosh was sent to Byss, but never returned.
It was then found out that the cult was trying to ressurect the Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos with the force power. The force power was stored in a sceptre, used by some mysterious female. Jaden's next big mission went to Vjun where he with Kyle's assistance, went through the acid rain and got through Bast Castle. There, he found Rosh, who had converted to the dark side. Jaden dueled and defeated Rosh. However, he was sturck by Tavion, leader of the cult.
During an arguement between Tavion and Kyle, Jaden lit his sabre and destroyed the ceiling. Rosh and Tavion got away, and Jaden was promoted to Jedi Knight and weilded an orange saberstaff. Soon, Luke planned to attack Korriban, where the cultists had gathered to ressurect the Sith Lord. Jaden and Kyle first travelled to Taspir 3, where they had received a distress signal from Rosh.
There, Jaden got to Rosh and thinking that Rosh betrayed him and led him into a trap, he killed Rosh. Alora was pleased and tried to get Jaden, but Jaden revolted and killed Alora as well. Then we went to Korriban to get the sceptre which "belonged to him"

At Korriban, Jaden killed dozens of Jedi and Sith and even killed Tavion, stealing the sceptre. Kyle then confronted Jaden who beat Kyle easily. Kyle was disappointed at losing both students. What happened next? Read my fanfic to find out.
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