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You can find all the Item armors in BIFs-->Templates-->blueprint,item. the clothing is all labled g_a_classxxxx except the one you buy at yavin thos are g1_a_classxxxx. you can open the item editor by double clicking the file.

when it's open on the general tab look at the boxes body Variation and texture variation.

body variation= the model in appeance.2da.
1=a underware
2=b base clothes
3=c g_a_class40xx
4=d g_a_class50xx
5=e g_a_class60xx
6=f g_a_class70xx
7=g g_a_class80xx
8=h g_a_class90xx
9=i jedi robes
10=j revens/starforge robes

texture variation= the number on the actual texture.

so if I grab a texture at random PFBG05
P=PC,Player or something like that
G= g_a_class80xx
05=g_a_class8005 which equals = Calo Nord's Battle Armor.

hope thats what you wanted to know.
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