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I'm not 'judging' you, as I assume that if you really just wanted to pirate it, you wouldn't be asking here.

You *can* still find the game in some places - I see it in the bargain game areas at various stores all the time (like EBGames). Sometimes it is the JK/MotS pack, sometimes just JK.

You can also get it from Amazon

When I checked, there were 8 'z-shop' sites available, 5 new and 3 used, and only one was just JK.

Also, there is eBay - a quick search (jedi knight dark forces as keywords) gave me ~20 hits, all JK.

So you *can* still buy it, and I hope you get it and enjoy a truly classic game.

BTW - you posted this in the Dark Forces, not Jedi Knight, forum.


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