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Asking for warez on our forums = bad idea.

FYI, JK1/MotS came out 6 years ago (late '97, early '98 respectively). JK1 is still in stores (check the bargain bin, under "LucasArts Classics") for 10$ or less. The Jedi Outcast "deluxe edition" (the one with the collector's tin) included a copy of the full version of Jedi Knight.

MotS is a bit harder to find, unless you can get one of those combo packs that includes both games (Darth Vader on the cover or a sticker that says "includes Mysteries of the Sith!" in the lower righthand corner). However again, you can get both from Ebay for really cheap, including box, manual etc.

And check Amazon auctions or itself for a new copy.

And of course you can order both games directly from's website, though they you may end up paying a little more than hunting down a bargain.

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