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Question Full Throttle WinXP Help Please

I am running a PIII-500MHz intel computer.
my o/s is Windows XP
I have 392mb or RAM
graphics card is nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 with 32mb RAM

So far I've had no problems playing these games under ScummvmQ&E:

Monkey Island 1
Monkey Island 2
Indiana Jones & Fate Of Atlantis.

These games I've been lucky enough to be able to run straight off winXP with no problems so far:
Curse of Monkey island
Escape From Monkey Island
Grim Fandango.

My first problems with ScummVM with older games is with Full Throttle & Day Of The TEntacle (which i'll post elsewhere)

But my problems with FT:
The installation doesn't detect my sound card (SBLive) so i choose generic Soundblaster Pro with (220, 5, etc) settings and the test works.

The game doesn't run from the ScummVM or Q&E interface.
A black window briefly appears, (or black screen, but i see the window-tab on my taskbar) and then returns me to my desktop.

So I try double-clicking "throttle.exe" straight from its directory.
Game runs after selecting "Play..." from launch-screen. picture seems fine, but sound is distorted and running slower/lower-pitch.

The generic "Soundblaster, 220, 5" sound setting seems to give good sound, but it's broken up, sounding just as bad as the slower/lower-pitch with the more modern soundblaster options. (2.0, Live, etc)

If anyone can help me please let me know, thanks in advance!

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