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Post Hey everybody! let's start a bar fight!

Alright, there were a couple of bar fight threads in Starwars>the cantina for a while, but there were so many they were all closed down. If we keep it civil, it won't happen here. these are the rules:

1) If someone says you are down for X posts, you are down for X posts. There is no healing or potions or anything else to get you back up faster.

2) Once a person is down, they cannot be attacked & have more time down added on.

3) A person is considered down until they post again. After they repost, they are fair game.

4) Maximum number of posts to be down is 5. Generally accepted times are 2-3 posts. No one is allowed to permanently kill off someone else. (however, it is perfectly legal to kill yourself off permanently)

5) You cannot take down the entire room. Generally, the max number of people allowed to take out in one post is 2.

6) Only posts that take a legal action in the fight count towards ressurection goals. It is also a generally accepted practice of noting in your non-legal posts that, "*this does not count towards ressurrection*"

Alright, here goes. I hope someone will participate soon.
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