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Lord of the Rings RPG character Creation

Okay here's my LOTR RPG. Well, I'll start the story later when we get some people.

Name: Tathar Véneanár
Race: Elf
Age: 286 Shire Years (May seem old but remeber elfs are immortal.)
Born In: Mirkwood
Bio: Tathar was born in Mirkwood, and quickly learned to use a bow and arrow. His mother gave him a pendant with a blue gem inside, to remind him that, "The skies may not be blue where you are, but they are blue somewhere. His bow skill is unmatched.
Equipment: Leather Travel Vest, Elvish Bow, Ash Arrows, Short Sword.
Weakness:Not very phsysically strong.

(and yes he is modeled after Legolas.)

Red vs. Blue ummm I wonder who will win....

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