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Ladder- bring back jk2 CTF

I was talking to Onlyonecanoli (sorry if i misspeled your name) and I am interested in joining and maybe creating a ctf ladder. I am clan leader of Fallen Power, my ingame name is <FP>Fallen0ne My clan is new but it has a fiew very good people in it. Im looking for more info on this ladder stuff and help with recruiting very good ctf players. I have 3 24/7 rented servers.

If I was going to start a ladder it would be because I miss jk2 ctf allot and want to bring back hard compitition like there was in jk2. Sooo manny nubs in JA so im trying to group all of the skilled into servers even if there not my servers. I think we need some servers that are dedicated to only good people so thoughs of us that are good can still improve and not be bored to death. Please Post info and tell me if this is a good idea or not.

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