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name: Nejhel Hepsoj (Sullustan male)

occupation: Does jobs for the Rebels and small time smugglers.

Nejhel Hepsoj grew up on Sullust, he had a stable family who put good morals into him. At the age of 20 he began to work in the SoroSuub ship yards, he tired of the daily routine and wised to join the rebels in their fight with the Empire. After a while a opportunity presented its self when a smuggler skulked into his docking station. He and a few friends stole the Corellian gun ship that had docked for repairs, a Victory class Star Destroyer jumped in system just ahead of them, they were able to escape with out to much damage to their new ship, they also succeeded in destroying half a TIE squadron on their way out.

weapons: Blas Tech DL-44, Handy pocket sized Vibro blade, holdout blaster with sleeve gun holster
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