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Arrow TAB Bot Improvements

Briefly (and I already told you these RA, but you wanted me to post here, so here goes!), these things need to be done for the TAB Bots.

1) Bot orders need to ONLY be givable to bots on your team. Currently I can give orders to bots even if I'm in spectator mode or to bots on other teams. Not good!

2) Bots reply to orders, which is good, but they need to reply in private cheat (say_team ideally) so people know what's going on, but it's not broadcast to the world.

3) Bot orders thus have no place in non-team games. CTF, Team FFA, Siege and Power Duel (for the "doubles" blue team) are necessary.

Perhaps (for those offline players) bot orders might be usable in "Solo Game" but they just don't make sense outside a team context.

4) Obviously other orders need to be implemented, such as Cover Me, Defend this Position, Follow Me, Attack their Base (for CTF & Siege), etc.

5) Perhaps something in addition to "high scorer priorities" needs to be implemented. What I mean is that having one person on a team designated "team leader" (like the "I am the leader" command in Q3) should be possible. Without it, by default the high score rule should apply. But it should be possible to vote someone the leader, or perhaps the highest scorer has the option to make themselves leader. The leader then gets exclusive rights to give bots orders, unless he designates a new leader.

This would help prevent conflicts of orders and it's the Quake3 model.

UT on the other hand lets anybody on the team give orders to bots. But again, in the wrong hands it could lead to problems. If bot orders are intended primarily for the "offline player" though, having a team leader seems most natural. In Q3 a bot could be made team leader and they would then issue orders as they saw fit, but that's probably more work down the line and not something you want to worry about right now.

6) In addition to giving bots orders by name, there should also be an "all" option. Meaning "all" bots on your team do something (attack, defend, etc). This saves having to type out every bot name or to have to bind keys to every bot name imaginable.

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