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(I love the idea)

Name KA-20-1 (if you number the words in the alphabit 20 is T and 1 is A) AKA Kata

Species Shapeshifting Assasin droid
Weapons A buzz saw comeing out of his chest, 2 blasters holstered by his hips, left hand can turn into a mechine gun, right wrist can extend a vibro sword, 1 knee cap that shoots poisen darts, and he can turn into anything. (Tell me if I am god modeing)
vehicle His feet turn into rockets.

Bio KA-20-1 was a special droind. He was created in a special lab. One day he asked "Master why did you create me if you do not use me," he got up and stared out at the stars "and why did you create me without anything?" "I guess I am just a weapon." "Good bye MASTER!" he punches the window he is stareing throu (They are in space so the people are going to die) and jumps out then activates his rockets but, there was a problemand he was forced to crash but, the only place near was Tattoine so he landes there. After landing he activated his shapeshifting protacol and turned into a human. He heads for a sand crawler to free his droid brothren. (When he is not in his droid form he is Kata)

Kata arrives at the sand crawler and pretends he wants to buy a droid so he enters the sand crawler. Kata reaches the droid room and then goes berzerk and starts shooting at the jawas in the room. Kata goes behind one mouse droid (That is you DG) and shoots his restraining bolt "Lets get out of here."

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