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OOC: Well, there are Human Replica Droids (HRD, Androids is what we would call them) and it is also possible to stuff them with a ****load of guns 'n gadgets, but i don't believe the science in the starwars univerese is developed enough to create shapeshifting droids... You can keep all the gadget's, but you'll have to stay with one form i think... I like your name by the way, you thought about it well.

IC:Mousey was grateful, but he didn't understand it. He quickly raced after his rescuer, in the meanwhile scanning him. His body temperature was below normal. If he really was human, he should be long dead. 'How odd.' He thought. He beeped and made noises, wich meant: 'Are you a droid?' in the hope that his new friend could understand.
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