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Trust me, in the heat of battle it matters a lot.

If you do the droid markings like they are in the movies, yes it will be hard to tell from a distance or at critical moments (for example the "plain" droid vs. the "yellow" droid, or the "green" droid vs. the "blue" droid, unless again, you adjust the colors and/or markings so they don't look like the movies anymore, like making the droids in solid neon colors).

For months people complained how in JA the Chewbacca skin should not be allowed on public servers, because it was "hard to tell" which team he was on (since, as you can see, only the clothing colors change for each team skins, and since all he wears is a bandolier, that's all the changes in color and it's partially covered up by his fur).

Now as far as team colors alone are concerned we have the team beacons. But in a game you'll want to know both what classes your teammates are at a glance and also what classes your ENEMIES are at a glance.

And the weapons thing only works if they are carrying such different weapons that you can tell right away.

Normally in Siege there is some overlap with multiple classes having some of the same or similar weapons so you can't just rely on that.

RPG battles, an interesting approach.

Basically Siege right now is definately not RPG battles, it's simply a class-based objective based team FPS mode with a Star Wars theme.

So with regards to Jedi you either need to make them weaker than they would be "in the movies" (call them Padawans if you like), balance the other classes to compensate, or else make everyone a Jedi.

On the maps where you aren't all Jedi (Hoth & Desert) the Jedi aren't just thrown in for the sake of having Jedi, but they have a special role. They can get to places more quickly than others, thus covering a larger amount of ground. This makes them excellent for scouting and inflitration. Their blocking is good in a support role. Plus they're a good way to counter another Jedi. That is as oppposed to making the Jedi a walking tank whom nobody can oppose except another Jedi (if you were to go the RPG route).

So that's the strategy used by the Raven maps, which I was attempting to (admittedly from a non-Siege modder perspective in vague terms) do in this thread. ; )

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