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Originally posted by darthviper107
You should upgrade to Max 5 or 6. I had to go back to Max 4 because Max 5 has authorization bugs and I don't want to go onto my other computer to do stuff, and when I switch it made me grateful for Max 5, the stuff in there is so much better than Max 4.

Anyway, does anyone know how to fix the problem in 3ds Max where you put a bone in one position in a frame, then put it in another position later and then the bone like dips to that position instead of going in a straight line?
Yes, infact I do. Click on the object with the animation. Go to the "Motion" tab, and to the "Key Info (basic)" You see those big squares with the blue lines inside them? Click on them and change them both to a straight line. Do this to all the frames.

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Originally posted by yaebginn
not at all, they came here[USA] to worship God however they wanted and it was built on the principals and rules of the Christian religion.
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