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Angry 'HTTP 404 not found' can kiss my @$$

XWA has become unreadable.

The 'efront' pop-up that aggressively takes over the web browser is defective. It tries to load a page that fails, and the user is forced to stop its loading and go back to the last page. Sometimes, there are two pop-ups, which both fail, and it's a struggle trying to get the computer back out of that mess.

Now, I know that if this is making the site unreadable for those of us determined to visit anyway, it has got to be chasing off all the other web traffic. Commercialism and 'economic reality' aside, this retarded broken pop-up will cause the death of the forums section and kill the main page in no time at all.

It needs to be fixed. If the website is even going to be useable, the 'efront' people need to be made aware that their shoddy scripting is PISSING US OFF!!! I've talked with others in ICQ who are fed up with it, and soon will give up on the forums altogether. I know I'm not alone on this!

Vive la resistance!

'What's up is clearly defined as the opposite of what is down, in this case being the strongest source of local gravity...failing that, in space, what's up is opposite the direction of accelerative G-force--or what I'm targeting with these laser cannon. Die, b*tch!'

--Official forum space terrorist
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