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Daniel Fyr waited outside the castle doors as he pondered his past. His youth was occupied by history and self defense. Once he had begun his career as a diplomat he was a successful force in New Republic and was soon found to be extremely force sensitive. Daniel was admitted into the Jedi Academy and was trained in the use of the force. His natural strengths in the protective and healing powers of the force began to grow he became adept in protecting himself against physical and force damage. Before he had finished training Daniel was sent on a mission as second in command on a New Republic starship, he found that the cruel captain was selling information, the ship, and the passengers onboard to factions opposing the New Republic. After leading a mutiny and being convicted of treason Daniel fled to the outer rim with fellow mutineers for three years and started his own private militia. Working as smugglers and mercenaries for only “honorable” causes the small group held out until the New Republic dropped the charges on account his superior’s treason. Daniel disillusioned with the New Republic and the Jedi Academy and went to a much smaller academy on an obscure world. At that academy he had finished his training and began training others. After that place was destroyed he returned to his private militia becoming military tool of the New Republic. Now a good standing representative of a republic with an army under command he still runs some of his ethical but still illegal operations, but the New Republic looks the other way.

Age: 28
Race: Human
Appearance: Medium length brown hair, blue eyes, broadly built.
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Occupation: Smuggler, Assassin, Diplomat, Ambassador

Force Abilities:
Force Protection
Force Absorb
Force Drain
Force Heal
All neutral and telekinetic force abilities (push, pull, jump, saber throw and persuade)

To DL-44 pistols
Thermal Detonators
Throwing Knives

Saber: Has a crystal changing band on top that changes the crystal hence changing the frequency, color, and length. The color is usually blue.

Style: one bladed one handed
Clothes: Usually wears a khaki shirt, black pants, and a black flowing robe.
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