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Just a really crazy idea of some story element you could throw in...

The crew from the original game could be the ones responsible for crashing the wrecked ship that we saw near the dais on the central island... This would require time travel, and we know this could be feasible in a Dig universe, because of the existence of "Spacetime Six." But, for instance, Boston could find the bracelet and its tracking device, and think he was looking at a duplicate of the one he had found earlier... and, while traveling in a spaceship, accidentally end up crashing on the Central Island before he ever arrived on Cocytus in the first place. In which case, he might bury the bracelet in the grave himself.

This could work as just a short "scene" in the game, and there could be many other times and locations on Cocytus in which the crew would have to visit for some reason.

The concept of seeing the same location twice, but having it be changed, is intriguing to me. But, the storyline becomes a little more complicated, and a little less plausible this way.

Boston: Ludger?

Ludger: It would have to be, wouldn't it, Commander?!
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