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That god DAMN tunnel of love.

Hi. Long time reader, first time poster.

I recently re-discovered Sam and Max Hit the Road, and tried to play it for the first time since toddlerhood. (I'm still a young'un..)

NO there is no problem with my sound.

There is, however, something wrong when I try and "use" Max with electicity box in the fklvnldflkgnjfghjsdfgksdfhgksdfhj Tunnel of Love.

Problem Part Uno: When using the blacklight flashlight, I can easily see the box. But then I CAN'T put the damn thing back in the box and pull out the Max head. When I click on the storage box the light just turns on again.

Problem Part Dos: Seeing as using the light and THEN Max won't work, I just try to use Max without the help of the light. But whenever I click Max on the Box o' Electricity, the head disappears and the little walky-Sam-fingers show up in its place.

By this time it is too late to use Sam AGAIN, and even if I did, it won't work.

I have looked at a dozen walkthroughs, and no one discusses this problem. Is it just my game? Is it my Mac?

Is it.. fate?

And she's buying a stairway to
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