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Forgotten Angels: Religious Freaks and the Prowless of the Sleeping Monster

((Okay, might as well kick this up again!

Character Bio's in first post of when character is introduced (or continued on from last part) please
Characters must be specified to be either a half-demon or human (full demon's I have plans for, so ask pls about first ^_^)))

**Story thus far...**

*A secret project ment to be used for a gobal-scale counter agent agenst any airbourne and infectable viruses, ment to cure anyone of any desease with in hours of inhalation, accendently becomes triggered in a cargo train derailment, carring a majority of the agent.

The chemical quickly goes airbourne and enters the atmosphere, and is inhaled by nearly all of the population.

Just like it was said the agent was a premature success, at least that was the public was concerned, until several hundred million people suddenly die all around the globe, only then to raise again days later...

With in weeks of the grand resurrections. Those 're-awaken' began to change in meny ways, strength, speed. Most of all appearence. Meny even developed special abilities, found later that meny carry the same exact phsyical traits and abilities as meny others.

Of course like anything that is not understood, normal humans began to shut out, ridicule, even torchure meny whom are have been changed. Calling them 'demons', and hell spawns.

Looking for a place to find respect and freedom with out being feared, a secret organistation welcomed those shut out of society, calling themselves 'The Forgotten'...


During a job, where a bank robbery gone to a hostage situation, Davin fought off meny demon foes, but become overwlemed until a few individuals came from no where to his aid.

Davin whom isn't sure he can trust new members, is seeking permanent goverment aid from a british oganisation.

however what lurks near could make, or break, the deal...*

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