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One of the droids let go of Kata. Although Kata was weak he could still fir a few rounds of his Machine Gun. He started fireing at the one still holding on and then fired at the other one. Then a gaint robotic armor droid came behind him. "Ugh. The weak part on you big things is that your head is the armors head. I can easily get you. Kata extended his blade and activated his jets, then, nothing. "Comeone... come on... BLAST!!!!! I'm all out of juice."Kata then grabbed his holstered gun from the batledroid corpse next to him and fired at the big droids head. "Haha." The droid came out and the armor fell down. "Time to break out." He crawled into the armor and looked at the controlls on his way up.he hit the helmit button. Now he was protected. He continued up. Now he is in a big robotic body. "Time to blow this place up."

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