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Ark realized he was now on a droid battle ship. (Not the kind where in Episode one but a transport ship that makes droids and is well armed. He realized that the ship made Krath War droids, the same type of droid which he is now. After observing the ship he found out there where two passengers and the ship was controlled by a droid. This ship will be very helpful when I need to get back a new body. Ark got up and headed secretly to the first passengers place. The passenger was reading over some manual. Ark raised his plasma blaster and fired. The person colapsed. Ark then headed to where his sensors told where the second person was. He was talking into a comlink. Ark fired and knocked the comlink out of the persons hand. A look of surprise croosed his face right before Ark finished him off. Now this ship was all his. He went to a swithch and activated all the droids. The got up and looked at Ark. "What are your commands master". In his mind Ark groinned
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