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Well, an update (finally) I have scrapped together some cash that could be set aside to use for a server.

I have been debating setting up a paypal account for donations for a server, but it would have to have a disclaimer (I don't want people to think that by donating they can dictate how the server is run... the money would be used as I saw fit to keep the server going, thus it would truly be a "donation" and not a bribe!).

Likewise, I'm also leary about using paypal after what I've read from some disgruntled customers (there's a class action suite pending from some customers who didn't like their security for example). Also I don't have a credit card (don't use them).

A free server would sure by nice, but that means I have to generate a lot of hits for my strategy page, and that means I have to update it a lot, and lately with my job I just haven't had the kind of time that demands for regular updates. So, the pay model is probably going to have to be used.

I haven't been running the DSL server due to needing the bandwidth for other things. Anyway, next weekend I'll probably be shopping around for a good server to run Siege again 24/7.

And RazorAce, if you're reading this, please, please, PLEASE release a linux server compatible OJP basic (withOUT the enhanced saber stuff)! I really need those auto-balanced teams and Siege exploit fixes (those are the top two complaints I got when my server was running before, and since I can't be there 24/7 to monitor those things I MUST have an automated way to handle them!).

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