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Re: Re: A Couple of Suggestions

Originally posted by Jed
We can do that, or we can make a sticky thread in the main discussion forum. That way, it can be up with everything that most new people will read. And people can just add on to it when they find something new, making it member-driven
Excellent call! But not the first with that idea
* Points at his RC info available thread at the RC section. *

Originally posted by Jed
If memory serves me correctly, it's LFN policy only to provide hosting to mod projects, and not to clans. Again, this might be wrong, but I'm about 98% sure of this.
That´s correct. There are SOO much clans for every game it would be impossible to host em all. So LFN doesnt host any unless they have something to do with modding.

Originally posted by Jed
Yeah, I totally agree with that. Again, I'm not readily available these days, and there SHOULD be moderators lurking this area, but I'll try to get on as often as possible...
Correct aswell. People are watching at times.

Maybe a suggestion to you Boran, whenever you see such multiple thread being created or other things that arent actually by the book, you can pm supermods or use the "report post" feature.
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