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Outer Rim Garrison

Leader: Antakah
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Timezone: GTM +2
Clan-tag: ORG]=

Outer Rim Garrison is a clan for Dutch speaking people only. This guarantees easy comunication, low pings and training times that suit everyone.

The ORG has already been around for months, giving us time to get to know eachother, to train and to be able to start whit a nice group of people after the game comes out.

ORG doesn't plan to play with other Dutch clans only. We want to fight all clans here at lucasforums, and participate in any international tournament. This isn't inpossible, as we have already fought a traingmatch against the IEF.

People who want to join the ORG can do so by filling out the form you can find on our site. New members will have to go through a trial stage first, in which they can participate in training sessions and tryouts. After a while we will decide wether or not you fulfill our expectations, at the battlefront and as nice person, and wether or not you will be allowed to definetely join the ORG.

All interested people are welcome on our site( where you can find news, detailed information of all members (including the trial members) and our forums where everybody is welcome to post. We also have a embassy section in our forums where we will talk English.


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