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194th Royal Guard - [194]

Leader: Schetter

Factions: We will be proficient in ALL factions.

The 194th will be a competetive group, and will take part in online gaming leagues where the best competetion seems to gather. This group will be the second division of the [194] Guild, building on the 194th Gliders, who play BF:1942 in CAL and TWL. This season in CAL 12v12 play, the Gliders have gone 3-2, with three weeks left in the season. The Gliders have been around since February, and we plan to build on the group's growing success with the Guard.

We plan on recruiting the best talent that comes through our server and on other public servers, so if you're interested in joining, stop by our forums, get to know us, and play on our server when it comes up shortly after release in September.

- Our initial thread, for more details -
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