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((Okay, time to solve the whole "What-the-hell-should-we-do-with-two-characters-named-the-same-thing" problem...

p.s., i think that character list needs more updating... ))

*In a poor marketplace the two Irvines wander seprately..

RH Irvine walked from booth to booth, looking at odd trinkets and almost worthless items, everyone wanting ether large sums of now worthless credits or even scraps of food to pay for a single item.

He comes to a booth, selling also selling odd trinkets, and somewhat decent everyday items, how ever somewhat damaged.
He walks inside, and sees some odd gems, most just glass. One however was quite interesting, a greenish crystal that glowed a bit when RH Irvine walked near the counter where it sat.

It was dirty and unshaped, like it was in the same condition as it was when it was taken from the earth where it laid.*

Salesmen "Ah, ye see ya gots the liking the gems here, eh? Well, it was dug up just last week." *Looks at it glow.* "Hm? Ye haven't seen that happen yet. Tell ye what, I'll give it to ye, if ya spare some rations, ya?"

*RH Irvine looks at it, it was a crystal, if reshaped, it'll get good use as a lightsaber crystal rather then a worthless necklace piece.*

RH Irvine "You have a deal." *without taking his eye off of the crystal, he removes a small package, worth about a small meal, as he recieves the crystal.*

*WH Irvine saw nothing that he'd want in the market area, and by this time he'd made his way near RH Irvine, who was just leaving the booth, and placed the crystal in his cloak.*

WH Irvine *raising his eyebrow* "Irvine, you didn't just give some of your rations to that guy?"

*WH Irvine points into the booth with his right finger, the slight sound of motorised parts in his hand gave way to the extent of his injury of that fight months ago.*

RH Irvine "Cracern, it does not matter, we have plenty of food to last us for a while yet still. Besides it came out of my own rations."

*The two began walking back to the Asgardried.*

Cracern "So, what was that you bought?"

RH Irvine "I bought a small gem, unshaped, but it can be put into someuse if I manage to get time to do it."

Cracern "So, how do you think the kid's doing?"

RH Irvine "He should be refered to as a padawan. As for his training, it's for him to deside, for me in my opinion about such it'll be based on how he perceives on how fair his progress is."

Cracern "I see..." *thinking* 'Okay, he's confusing me a bit...'

RH Irvine "I heard that. Besides you could refer me as something other then just the same name as your own."

Cracern "What do you mean, you call me by my last name, and you had your name first."

*They were comign up on the ship...*

RH Irvine "Very true, but it's only the first name. I don't desire to be called by it. I'd rather be refered to by my name that was given to me when I first became a padawan, Sir-vin Cry'Pal'Tine."

Cracern "Crypaltine? Sounds pretty lame."

RH irvine "Yes, but it wasn't far from the truth, sort of an altered version of Cracken Palpatine, keeping the truth not so far from me in my blind youth."

Cracern "So you most likey want me to call you all that?"

RH Irvine "Not needed, just call me by Sir-Vin, and everyone should catch on after a while."

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