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((I'm going to repost character stuff. Just descriptions, mind you, not bios; in this kind of thread, other characters either already know or they can ask and find out ))

Name: Aidan Saph'rai
Description: Aidan is a gargoyle, a species alien to this galaxy. He has blue skin, pointed ears, batlike wings, a tail, claws, lizardlike feet, and small fangs. He is taller than a human his age would be, but not unusually tall. Otherwise, he looks somewhat human. He generally wears only a waistcloth. He appears to be an older teenager.

Name: Guy
Description: Guy is human, tall, with pale skin, short light blonde hair, and gray eyes. He wears an unusual outfit with a high collar and long coat, all in shades of dark gray. He appears to be an adult.

Name: Marin
Description: Marin appears basically human, although something seems unusual about her. She is short, has brown skin, brown hair, and unusually-shaped chestnut eyes. She wears tight jeans and tight T-shirts, which certainly mark her as unusual in this galaxy. She appears to be a teenager.

Name: Misae Arjas
Description: Misae is human, of average height, has pale skin, brunette hair in a braid, and pale blue eyes. She wears her brown-and-white Padawan's outfit and carries a lightsaber with a teal blade. She appears to be a young adult.

Name: Raschel Sheire
Description: Raschel is a K'Beran, one of very few of her kind in the galaxy. She sports olive scales and green skin, a short square snout, a long mane of white hair with the barest hint of pale blue, large brown eyes, and a thick alligator tail. She wears average clothes, except for the blaster belt. She appears to be an adult.


Asgardried, Misae's Quarters

Misae lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She absently fingered the long scar on her upper chest and and shoulder.

One year.

One year since the so-called Galactic Holocaust. One year since her master had died saving Coruscant. One year since she got sucked into a quest to try to save the galaxy.

What was happening on Coruscant now? She wasn't sure. Most likely it had fallen to mob rule. Or the Imperials had managed to regather their power and take over...

Why do I care? If the Aesir are telling the truth...if this isn't just an immense, elaborate game...we find the Time Matrix, and we can reverse everything. Undo all the damage. Stop the end of the galaxy.

If Aesir were telling the truth. If.

What if they're not?

Well, then her master was simply dead, the end of the galaxy was not coming, and there was no bringing back the uncountable lives that the Aesir had taken in the last gasp before their Lord Odin was killed. What was it? Eighty percent of the intelligent life in the galaxy. All population centers except Coruscant, destroyed.

She knew what she really wanted.

Vengeance. Vengeance is what I want.

But a Jedi did not seek revenge.

But, what kind of a Jedi am I, really? I am not in full control of my emotions. I can almost hear the Council now, as if they were still alive. "She avoids responsibility. She has too much anger. Too much fear. Too much pride."

Well, now she was helping the Aesir, who were responsible for her master's death, in the faint hope that they were not all liars and she would be able to undo the terrible things she had suffered. That the galaxy had suffered. Could she really be blamed for having a bit of unresolved anger?

Then again, a few months ago, she had almost died. Two of the Aesir had saved her life.

So now do I owe them?

She fingered her scar again.

Then there was that voice, that voice that had haunted her since the group had encountered reanimated Sith on an ancient Dark-sider planet...

"They would take away your feelings...your passions...your vengeance...

They fear you...they want to hold you back, tie you down..."

She shook her head, trying to get the whisper out.

"They will abandon'll see. When your 'friends' reject you, we will be here...waiting...


Yevoh, Town

Marin wandered the streets of the strange town, alone. Even after eight months she wasn't sure how to deal with the others. She couldn't face the memories she still had, of when her mind had been altered by enchanted crystals and she had gleefully slaughtered dozens of people alongside Aidan and Heimdall. She didn't know how to deal with Aidan, who remembered almost as much as she did. Even less for Heimdall, who remembered almost nothing due to his long mental struggle with the enchanted sword that had thrown off the crystals' effect. Nor the others, who had been victimized by the antics of "her" trio.

Especially because the Heimdall, Svafa, and Idun now seemed to favor her and Aidan over the others. There were ugly disagreements and fights between the Aesir and the rest of the group while they had unsuccessfully tried to deal with her and her trio. The Aesir didn't blame her or Heimdall or Aidan because they were under mind control. But how could she face the others, who she sensed might not be so forgiving...

Then there was Guy, whose sister had apparently shown up out of nowhere and had burned his eyes out.

She had been hoping she could at least get some form of solace or explanation from him, until then. She had seen him only a few times since it had happened. Most recently, she had seen that the scars around his eyes were gone, and the eyes themselves were still there, crystalline and translucent, and unmoving. As if they had been frozen in ice.

He had told the others little. He didn't know where the mysterious attackers had come from. He knew only that one of them was his sister. Yes, they would try to follow, but yes, he could throw them off. Could they be beaten if we were to meet them again? No, he had said. He couldn't do anything else about it.

He didn't explain anything else. He didn't explain the crystals, or why the sword had cured her, and what that all had meant, and she didn't ask.

She had simply avoided everyone. The Asgardried was a large ship, and the Aesir let her in the upper levels where the others couldn't go. It was easy.

But I know...I know soon I'm going to have to face them all.

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