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Heimdall: A human by appearance, Heimdall is an Aesir. He is hundred of years old but appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties. He has long brown hair, and comonly wears his dark blue Mithril armor with a dark blue cloak.

Svafa: Like Heimdall, appears to be human, but is an Aesir. She is very beautiful and appears to be of similar age to Heimdall. She has very long red hair that is usually tied into braids. Normally she is dressed in dark blue Mithril Armor with a dark blue cloak.

Idun: Like Heimdall and Svafa she is an Aesir who appears to be about Svafa's age. She is dressed like the other two and has brown hair that reaches a little past her shoulders.

Gerd: A human by appearance, however she is a jotun. She has brown hair, her most noticable feature is her eyes. One a firey red the other an icy blue. Her eyes seem to glow in the dark. She is wears a jumpsuit, and looks like a teenager.

Asgardried: Upper lounge

Heimdall stood in the upper lounge looking out a window. His thoughts randomly wandering into different areas. However, they always seemed to circle around the same thing...Svafa. Eight months ago her life, the life of his sister almost ended by his hands. He had forgiven himself for the death of the unknown innocents, even for his attacks on the group. However, he could not fogive himself for coming a hair's width from killing her. Until he could come to terms with that it was best if he avoided her.

How Heimdall wished that his older brother Vidar was there. Vidar would be able to help him through this, and maybe come to terms with it, but Vidar was on Midgard with the last of their race. Heimdall would have to do it by himself....

*A slight foot step brought Heimdall out of his contemplation. Turning he sees Svafa standing in the doorway*

Heimdall: Hello

Svafa: Good morning. I need to talk to you.

Heimdall: About what?

Svafa: About what happened. You blame yourself, and refuse to forgive yourself.

Heimdall: I almost killed you.

Svafa *twinge of anger in her voice*: No you did not. Someone else who controled your body almost killed me and if not for you I'm sure he would have. When we were fighting in that cave I saw in your eyes the conflict that was raging in your mind. How easy it would have been to remove my head but you prevanted that. You stopped him from giving me a mortal wound and gave Idun a chance to save me. I owe you my life.

Heimdall: I just don't know....

Svafa: I know, doubts have haunted your mind for the past year. You are unsure if Vidar made the right choice in sending you on this quest, and that perhaps he or Tyr should have gone or at least come along. This is foolish, Vidar knows what he is doing and he along with everyone else has the upmost confidence in you.

*Svafa embraces Heimdall with a tight hug*

Svafa: and don't for a second think you are alone in this. You have me and Idun.

Heimdall: Thank you. I really needed that.

Svafa: I know little brother.

Heimdall: I was going to give Gerd a gift in a little while. Do you want to come along?

Svafa: I would be delighted.

*They release each other, and Heimdall follows Svafa from the lounge*

Idun and Gerd were wandering the perimeter of the Asgardried. Gerd came to them eight months ago nearly starved to death. Idun still didn't know how Gerd managed to reach them or even know where they were. Just another of the strange things that have happened in this quest.

Since then Gerd had put on a healthy amount of weight, and revealed an apetite for knowledge. It somewhat reminded her of Odin and his never ending quest for knowledge and wisdom. There seemed to be a never ending barage of questions, lucky them the Asgardried was always more then happy to answer. In fact Gerd seemed to spend more time talking to the ship then anyone else. They seemed to have become best friends.

Idun glanced at Gerd as they rounded the bow and began heading towards the aft cargo hold. A smile crepped it's way onto Idun's face. She was very happy with the way Gerd was turning out. Gerd while not understanding the reasons, kept her promise and didn't tell the rest of the group who or what she was. It helped that she didn't spend to much time with them, Gerd seemed to be more then happy to stay in the top level studing and playing games with the ship.

With Svafa's help Gerd training was progressing vey well. Already she had masterd a simple but vital transportation spell. She could easily bring herself back to the Asgardried anytime she wanted. Svafa as part of her recovery was also training Gerd in self-defense and using her powers to defend herself. When Gerd wasn't talking to the ship you could almost count on the fact that she would be with Svafa in the armory training. It seemed everything facinated the jotun child.

Idun then looked outward at Yevoh and her smile quickly transformed into a small frown. Gerd quickly noticed that.

Gerd: Idun whats wrong?

Idun: Oh, nothing you need to be concerned with. Now Heimdall told me he had something for you, why don't you run along to the cargo hold, that is where is said he was goign to meet us. I'll be along shortly.

Gerd: Ok

*Gerd runs off excitedly looking forward to what Heimdall had*

Idun:This world is now only begining to feel the effects of the holocaust. There is simple not enough food being produced to feed the galaxy. Those with wealth are already hording it, and those who could no longer afford the outrageous prices were slowly straving to death. It was sickening and to sit around waiting for the quest to pick up again was all the more frustrating

*Idun gave a silent sigh and began heading after Gerd. She hated seeing beings suffer. It did only harden her resolve on seeing the quest through to completion, and prevanting all of this.*

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